Eyebrows Threading

EyeBrows Threading

In this modern day, there are many ways to shape your eyebrows using wax kits to tweezers. It seems strange then that people still use a century’s old method of using thread to shape the eyebrows. Using thread, you get a more precise and cleaner look with the added benefits of it’s less painful than tweezing and waxing. Additionally, the more common form of using hot wax on the face is actually harmful over the years due to the constant skin pulling when you remove the wax.

This as a result, leads to more wrinkles at an earlier age comparatively to threading which uses no chemicals or any side effects. Furthermore, it’s quick and easy with our trained experts, who have many years of experience practicing this craft, at our New Look Medi Spa locations in Chantilly, Sterling, Springfield and Herndon you’ll have the exact shape and look you’re going for in less than 5 minutes. An appointment is not required so come in today!i

For more details https://www.newlookmedispa.com/eyebrow-threading.php

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