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Wax Service
Wax Service

To wax or to shave? That is indeed a good question. Out of all the different hair removal options that exist nowadays, these two seem to be the most popular ones. Shaving is a fast and easy way to remove body and facial hair using razors or any other kind of bladed implements, while waxing removes the hair by applying hard body waxes onto the skin so that the hair sticks to it and can be pulled out.

Each one of these hair removal procedures has its own pros and cons, but if we had to choose the one with the most benefits for the skin, there is only one winner: waxing.Even though shaving might seem like the most effective alternative – it’s fast, cheap, and it can be done anywhere without creating a big mess – when weighing all the pros and cons of each procedure, waxing ends up being the best option in the long run, regardless of its common inconveniences.

Here are ten specific reasons why you should choose waxing as your primary hair removal method.At New Look Medi Spa, our technicians are expertly trained to giving you the best results possible while making it as comfortable as possible for you. We have 3 convenient locations at Herndon, Dulles Landing, and Chantilly so call in today to get the best service in the DMV area.


Facial Service in Herndon | Dulles | Chantilly

Facial Service
Facial Service

Get glowing skin! Our facial treatments combine enhanced skincare results with deep therapeutic relaxation techniques. Our licensed estheticians begin with a thorough skin consultation to create an experience customized to your individual skin needs. All facials include steaming, deep cleaning, skin analysis, dual exfoliation, professional extractions, customized mask and moisture protector. Not sure which facial treatment is right for you? Not to worry – our spa technicians are happy to help you select the appropriate treatment once examining your skin at the spa. We have 3 conveniently located locations in the DMV area in Herndon, South Riding, and Chantilly. Feel free to call ahead or walk in during business hours for the relaxing get away you’ve been wanting while also giving your skin the rejuvenation that promotes healthy skin. https://www.newlookmedispa.com/services/skin-care-services/facials/


Benefits of a Medi Spa


What is a Medical Spa?

A Med spa, offers a much broader set of treatments than a regular spa. Besides facials and massages, a selection of medical treatments similar to the ones that are performed in a doctor’s office, both conventional and alternative, can be found. Medical and health spas are a hybrid between a traditional spa and a medical clinic and allow us to tackle health and beauty issues in a soothing and sophisticated environment.

1) Healing in an environment that you are comfortable in is not only imperative, but is crucial to knowing that you are in the safe hands of a professional when having certain medical procedures. Being in a professional environment like a medical spa will ease your mind and keep you calm

2) Medi-spas also offer impressive, technology based treatments that can really obtain a true understanding of your health, through a variety of medical tests that can reveal which treatments, activities and nutrition would be most beneficial for an individual.

3) Medical spas provide many modern and up-to-date treatments without the need of going under the knife. In the long-term, choosing a rejuvenating healthy ageing holiday at a medical spa, for example, rather than surgical procedures will really reflect in your skin, body and therefore mentality. Many healthy ageing spa programs combine treatments and exercises for youthfulness, complemented with skin and nutrition consultations, which will steer you clear of any surgical knife. Moreover, leading medical spa holidays are sure to have the latest and most up-to-date equipment, which make treatments and procedures as safe and effective as possible.

4) All of the services we offer are meant to help you feel and look your best for a long time, not just for the day. Our anti-aging, aesthetic and other wellness treatments will provide you with results that go beyond “skin deep.” When you look your best or can rid yourself of a persistent feature you view as a flaw, you’ll likely find that your self-confidence will soar. A better self-image can lead to positive changes in your personal and professional life.


At New Look Medi Spa it is our goal to cater to your needs and provide the best treatments to help you achieve the look you want or to give you the healthy skin and peace of mind that you deserve. With our convenient locations making an appointment is easy and stress free. Please give us a call or email to find out the best plan for you.


Waxing at New Look Medi Spa in Chantilly, Herndon, and Sterling


Whilst other temporary hair removal methods result in unsightly and spiky stubble appearing almost instantly, waxing leaves skin silky smooth and hair free for a considerably longer period of time, making waxing the longest lasting temporary hair removal solution. Unlike shaving, waxing results in slower hair growth due to pulling the hair from the roots.

Typically, no hair begins to reappear for over a week – a pleasant relief compared to the unsightly stubble which starts to emerge almost immediately after shaving. There are no risks of cutting yourself or getting rashes like there is with shaving.

Our expert estheticians will make your experience as painless and quick as possible while giving you the results you’re looking for. We offer very affordable prices and deals at our New Look Medi Spa locations in Chantilly, Herndon, and Sterling we look forward to hearing from you and are looking forward to making your next waxing experience a great one.

More info at https://www.newlookmedispa.com/waxing.php

Z wave Treatment

Z Wave Cellulite

Z Wave Cellulite

Smooth, firm skin is a common desire for most patients, not just for their face but all over their body.

Patients have struggled with cellulite, stretch marks, and scarring. Now Z Wave provides a new alternative in the search for youthful and flawless skin a struggle. Z wave is, an advanced FDA approved cellulite treatment without surgery or invasive measures. Z wave uses Radial Pulse Therapy, or RPT to reduce the appearance of mild to moderate cellulite.

This treatment can also help to treat stretch marks and scarring. It can be used on many different areas of the body such as hips, buttocks, upper arms, abdomens, and thighs. After treatments skin is left looking more youthful, firm, and healthier.The technology used to restructure fibrous bands and fat cells causes no discomfort whatsoever. Patients find the convenience and comfort of this treatment appealing.

Following your treatment there is minimal downtime due to the nature of the procedure you will be able to resume your normal routines. Over the course of your treatments you will notice a gradual improvement in your skin over time.

Are you looking for an effective treatment to reduce the appearance of cellulite? The non-invasive and innovative Z Wave may be a treatment that will help you get the appearance that you desire. If you are interested in having a consultation or learning more, give either our Herndon, Dulles Landing, or Chantilly locations a call today! We would be happy to help you.

Microdermabrasion Process and Types

Microdermabrasion helps produce thicker

Our skin is composed of millions of cells. Each day thousands of these cells die and are replaced by new cells. The harsh elements in the environment take a toll on our skin. Debris and bacteria build up on the skin’s surface and prevents dead skin cells from falling off. The microdermabrasion process safely and effectively peels off the dead skin layer leaving healthy and rejuvenated skin.

Microdermabrasion helps produce thicker, healthier skin layers; multiple treatments are vital because they encourage the production of a new layer of skin cells that contains higher levels of collagen and elastin by removing the layer of existing dead skin cells. Both of these components are essential for vibrant, healthy skin, and they will further improve your complexion and the overall appearance of your skin. Approximately five to twelve treatments spaced two to three weeks apart are usually necessary to reap full microdermabrasion benefits. Convenient and virtually painless.

The results of microdermabrasion can be seen almost immediately. Just one microdermabrasion session can improve the skin’s color, tone, and health. After treatment, the face should have a fresh appearance and a smooth, soft texture. However, the microdermabrasion system is most effective when a patient receives multiple treatments at intervals of two to three weeks.For those with more sensitive skin, our certified esthetician will check your skin and suggest a type of microdermabrasion that we offer such as crystal, diamond, and hydro-microdermabrasion.

Visit for more info https://www.newlookmedispa.com/microdermabrasion.php

Eyebrows Threading

EyeBrows Threading

In this modern day, there are many ways to shape your eyebrows using wax kits to tweezers. It seems strange then that people still use a century’s old method of using thread to shape the eyebrows. Using thread, you get a more precise and cleaner look with the added benefits of it’s less painful than tweezing and waxing. Additionally, the more common form of using hot wax on the face is actually harmful over the years due to the constant skin pulling when you remove the wax. Continue reading “Eyebrows Threading”