Acne – a Common Disorder.

Living with acne is tough. Acne is a disorder of the skin's sebaceous glands, which results in plugged pores and outbreaks of lesions. It’s being of the most common ache to the present era ; For every 100, 80 bodies are suffering from this cause and it is mainly focused on 14 – 30 age groups, regardless of gender, geography or skin type, and 25 fellows of these will have permanent scars. Even though it is considered as a teenager problem and usually beginning in adolescence, 20 percent of all adults suffer from varying degrees of active acne. Some people suffer their whole life with relentless outbreaks of acne. For some, it is caustic or simply annoying. For many others however, acne is a significant problem that reflects on their lifestyle and quality of life.

Despite their prevalence, acne scars have been notoriously difficult to treat. Traditionally, aestheticians have used excision, punch grafts, dermabrasion and chemical peels as medications. But the results of these therapies were bounded, and additional scarring could potentially occur. Also, there are many acne medications, ranging from over-the-counter to prescription that are expensive followed with ambiguity of causing significant side effects. They require several months of continuous Acne treatment, and many patients do not respond to them or witness peanut results.

Over the past developing years, aestheticians worked at par with laser technology, which has assumed an increasingly important and indispensable role in the healing of acne scars. We at 'New Look Medi Spa' use a new generation of unique acne treatment system with elos technology which effectively clears inflammatory acne lesions in 1/3rd of time it takes for standard topical and oral treatments pointed for the same outcomes. A series of 8 treatments over a 4-week period is all it takes to get back on the road to dramatically clearer, smoother, acne-free skin. Each treatment is simple and takes less than 30 minutes. And there are no adverse side effects, discomfort, patient downtime or exposure to antibiotics.

Acne treatment
Acne treatment
Acne treatment
Acne treatment

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